Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Elliot Spitzer - Prostitution Should Be Legal

$31,000 a day. THIRTY-ONE-THOUSAND-DOLLARS-A-DAY!!! I have never in my legal, professional life made more than that in a month. I've made less than that in some years. Digging deeper into Eliot Spitzer's "private" shame is a revelation of how women are discriminated against, financially, by our own legal system.

Why is it that when men use their bodies for money it's called "athletics" but when when women use their bodies to make money it's labeled a sin and it's deemed illegal? I'm not trying to make a moral call here, I'm just pointing out a glaring inequality.

For my first Mocking Men post I thought I'd infuriate my female friends and point out how the system is just set up to keep us down, in every way, especially financially. It's bad enough that we already make less money then men, who do less work, and have less at stake in life than we do.

Personally any sane woman would have to charge money to even tolerate being intimate with that ugly troll of a man Eliot Spitzer. I hope his wife dumps his ass and takes all that hard money he's earned over the years. She is, after all, LEGALLY entitled to do so.

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