Monday, December 28, 2009

Does Tiger Have A Sex Adiction? or Is He Just Normal?

Dear Tiger,

We forgive you. You're hot and successful, any normal woman (myself included) would throw herself into your passionate embrace. So what is the deal with this 'sex addiction' defense to your adultery? Could it be that you have a "success" addiction? That this whole scandal has blown your squeaky clean cover? You had THE perfect set-up, the perfect life, millions in endorsements all for playing a game, and you blew it.

The thing is, Tiger, now I like you more. I was never a fan of golf - an elitist sport played by unattractive fat white guys until you and Michelle Wie came along. It was admirable to see a young ethnic man break those barriers... But golf is boring and so are you immersed in that world. I'm looking forward to learning about the new, grown-up, imperfect Tiger Woods. The real Tiger.

Don't feel too bad, you are normal. Our outmoded morals around sex are not.

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  1. See, I think he's just trying to come up with an excuse.