Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mocking Men - A New Feminist Blog

It's not easy being a woman in this world. Life is obviously less fair for us. We're always being told to act like a team player even when the Team wants to leave you on the bench, and just ignore you most of the time. Or more precisely, when the team wants you to play the entire game for them, and win it, while they play a video game version of themselves on the Wii.

I started Mocking Men because there is soooo much to mock about men. I want to have a real and hopefully humorous conversation with women online about our relationships with the stronger sex. It's fun and blogging about it is therapeutic. Plus I hope to simply illuminate for enjoyment all the ridiculous media generated from some obvious cultural holes we live with.

This is a blog in development and I want your feedback! Please leave a comment here and take the poll in the side bar. I am working on a logo and graphics for the blog and want to have a redesign launched before Valentines Day (When I might do LIVE video!). More info posted soon right ... HERE!